Dr. Laszlo-Pasztori Patricia

Humic acids are still unknown to many people, even though they are the nature’s purest gifts. Let’s see some specific examples of how we can support our health with humic acid!

How are humic acids formed? Why are they so PURE and ORGANIC?

Humic substances are formed in the millennial decomposition processes of plant-derived biomass, during the humification of plants. The family of humic substances includes biologically active and highly valuable humic acids and fulvic acids, which contain at least 80 types of minerals on their own, and all of them in an absorbable, bioavailable form. These organic macromolecules with special properties can be extracted from peat formed in Carboniferous vegetation. This pure, intact, organic molecule also gets into HLBS products, that is is why all the effects that our consumers experience are so fast and spectacular.

Main physiological effects without claiming completeness:

- Can stimulate detoxification processes: Humic acids stimulate our body's detoxification processes, including (because they are natural chelators) bind toxins and heavy metals that enter our food, drinking water, medicines, polluted air, or household chemicals. It is almost inevitable for today’s man to come into contact with these substances, but thanks to HLBS, the solution has also come into our lives.

- It can have a beneficial effect on our intestinal and immune systems:Scientists are finding more and more evidence that our intestinal system not only plays a role in our digestion, but also affects our mood, and is even essential for the proper functioning of our immune system. It is now well known that 70% of the functioning of our immune system depends on the health of our stomach and intestinal system. Intestinal disorders - that is, if the number of beneficial bacteria is too low - can lead to more frequent infections, diarrhoea, and other diseases. Humic acid contains quite a few nutrients that improve intestinal health: trace elements, pre- and probiotics, fatty acids and electrolytes. By consuming humic acid regularly, we can help good bacteria work and strengthen their ability to re-create a healthy microbiological environment.

- Humic acid can help digestion and absorption of nutrients: Due to the beneficial effects of humic acids on intestinal bacteria, their consumption can reduce unpleasant digestive symptoms such as diarrhoea, constipation, bloating, or cramps and pain associated with food sensitivity. Nor should we forget that humic acid contains nutrients in a particularly "pure" form, that is, they transfer them to cells more efficiently and quickly.

- Humic acid reduces the amount of damage caused by free radicals: The so-called free radicals are formed in our body in a natural process (they are even essential for the functioning of our body), but it does matter in how large quantity. As a result of modern living, unfortunately, more of these free radicals are formed than necessary, which leads to the development of chronic diseases and inflammations, and to the acceleration of the aging process. One of the best ways to counteract free radicals is to take in larger amounts of antioxidants that bind these cell-damaging molecules. Consuming humic acid is one of the most effective ways to do this, thus protecting our cells from premature aging and disease-causing damage.

- Protects the brain: Free radicals and heavy metals can cause serious illness, but they also affect our cognitive abilities: research shows that microscopic inflammations increase the risk of developing memory disorders, for example. Because humic acid has heavy antioxidant effects through its strong antioxidant and chelating effects, it can also protect against these diseases.

- Can relieve pain: Toxins, inflammations and chronic diseases that accumulate in our body are certainly associated with unpleasant symptoms, not only pain or other problems, but also decrease in our energy levels and cause constant fatigue. Humic acid activates, strengthens the biochemical processes in our body, reduces pain, and is also effective against problems such as insomnia or anxiety caused by emotional stress.

- Humic acid beautifies the skin: Unfortunately, the damage caused by free radicals is too visible on our skin: this is where premature aging can be noticed for the first time. With the antioxidant properties of humic acid, it helps maintain the youthfulness of our skin for a longer period of time, but it is also effective against problems such as eczema or rashes associated with fungal infections.

- Contributes to the prevention of acidification of the body: Even the slightest deviation from the ideal pH has serious consequences for our health, for example, we become much more susceptible to infections. Humic acid prevents our body from becoming acidic, helping the body to maintain its optimal pH.

Almost everyone wants to unravel the secret of a healthy life, but over the millennia, a few things have crystallized: it’s important to get enough sleep, exercise regularly, avoid excessive stress, and eat good quality foods, especially fresh vegetables and fruits.

However, our environment and way of life have changed enormously in recent decades, and this can have serious consequences, even for those who are otherwise striving to live healthier lives.

Thanks to HLBS, we no longer have to think about where to get the humic acid we need for our bodies, as our chocolates, dietary supplements, natural cosmetics help us with the humic acid nutrition EVERY DAY to maintain our health.

And with the help of the person who invited you into the group, you can get access to this valuable active ingredient in two days, which will fundamentally change your health!