Health kinesiology 

is a unique and powerful way to rebalance your body and mind. HK is using muscle testing to harmonise the body`s bioenergy field, to promote physical, mental and emotional well- being.

It works at a deep level, to support the whole system.

Muscle testing     

                        is a gentle, modern way to monitor any imbalance in the muscle and it`s related 

                        meridian pathway. Treatment happenes fully clothing, usually lying down (or sitting) on the couch.

                        Imbalances are corrected using different techniques, mainly focusing on holding accupressure point 

                                           on the body.

                       These point are related to the meridians from traditional Chinese Medicine. 

                      Meridians or energy vessels are pathways in the body, running through the whole system. It is a

                        highway for the vital life force energy -qi/prana/bioenergy-, what drives all living creatures.



The main meridian chanels of the human body